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Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy understands its clients’ expectations and their requirements. Our meticulous staff are friendly, responsive and offer a mutually beneficial association that binds a long-term relationship, with both the Employer & Employee.  Besides keeping all information confidential, our business model is simple “Partnership, Honesty, Reliability, Discretion, and Orientation” towards results. We specialize in several areas, but aren’t limited to, just a few..


We provide Construction based international recruitment manpower services. Any kind of infrastructure, whether Industrial, Commercial or Residential requires Installation, AMC, and ongoing repairs of its various subsystems to keep everything at ease.


The Hotel industry is a significant part of the hospitality industry. Being associated with the travel and tourism sector, it has become one of the leading contributors to National and World economies.

Oil & Gas

We provide Oil & Gas based manpower services Oil and Gas Industries contribute a lot to economic development worldwide. The industry is a convincing and sophisticated business. It supplies two-thirds of the world’s energy which also runs the globa l economy.


We provide Engineering based manpower services. Our team of experienced and qualified recruitment professionals searches for talented and suitable candidates for a range of job functions from engineering.


We provide FMCG based manpower services the FMCG sector is one of the largest and has an excellent market size. This industry incorporates the production, dissemination, and promotion of consumer packaged goods, for example, sustenance and refreshment, individual care.


We provide Retail based manpower services. When it comes to retail recruitment, Kaav i Recruitment agency for the best recruitment manpower services team to expand and grow within the region.

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