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Kaavi   Recruitment   Consultancy  is  a   futuristic   HR  consultancy  provider,  built   on  the   sound  principles   of  far-sighted   vision,    all-encompassing  solutions  creation,  and  unconventional  cutting-edge   practices  that   give   us  a  competitive   edge   over  others   in   the   HR   arena.  these  enable   us   to   anticipate  the   client’s  challenging  needs   &   requirements  beforehand   and   satisfy  them  beyond  their   expectations. 

For  over  15  years,  we   have    been  providing  consultancy   to   our   clients  for   major  of   the   industry  in   Europe,   North  America,   and   the  Middle  East  Countries.  We  pride  ourselves    in   the   transparent   and  fair  manner   in   which   we   work.  we  have  the   best   in  class   specialty  centers   like   Client   service,   Research,  Advertising,  Personal   attraction,  Legal  &   Documentation  etc   with   sophisticated   &   highly  skilled personnel   who  are   extremely  dedicated  to  delivering  superlative  performance   and  providing   one   of  the  most   efficient  and   hassle-free  solutions  to  our esteemed  clients.

Kaavi   Recruitment   Consultancy  Private   Limited   is  registered   by   the  Ministry  Of  Indian  affairs   and   has  its  license   No  B0395/MUM/COM/1000+/5/8166  and   the  Date  of  Expiry   is  23/04/2023  to  do   International   Recruitment  all  over  the   world. We  do  our  entire  end  to  end  research  in order  to  get  the  Qualified  candidates as  well  as  potential  clients  and  hence we  bridge  the  gap  between  the  both employer  &  employee  by  providing our  professional  services  in  order  to enhance  the  smooth  process  of  hiring and  placement  of  right  candidate  at right  place  on  right  time. 

As a consultancy   we   provide   the   best  information   to   the  clients   with  respect  to  government   rules   and regulations   and   also   the   current market   situation   in  terms  of   the recruitment   procedure,   salary  structure  of  the   candidates,   etc.  We provide  quality   candidates   to  all  our  clients   and   it   matches   the  profile  sent.  Again  it’s  just   not  India   from  where  we   recruit   but  again  we  have  our  associate   offices  in  Dubai,  Philippines,   Nepal,  Bangladesh,   Sri Lanka,   Romania,  Burma,  Delhi,   Rajasthan,  Punjab,  Goa,  Uttar  Pradesh,  Kerala,  Andhra  Pradesh  and   Uttarakhand    to  provide  the  staffing   as  per  the  requirements. We   pride  ourselves   in  the  transparent   and  fair  manner   in which   we   work.


  • Fast & Accurate Matching – By combining our custom-made database with human screening and intuition, we will only select the candidates who are right for you.
  • Fast & Efficient Service – If the right staff for you is not currently on our database, we are equipped to meet your needs quickly and to an agreed deadline. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to match your requirements, we will tell you immediately.
  • High Profile Advertising – To acquire the best personnel for you, our marketing is conducted through different mediums, from the conventional methods, such as newspapers, down to the very place of work.
  • Taking The Work Out Of Recruitment – All we expect from you are your exact requirements in detail including your terms relating to expected work, and salary rights. In addition, you will have to make an application for a local work permit (which we may be able to help or advise upon). You can leave the rest to us!

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our company reach on the top in the coming  years and want to provide the best recruitment services across the globe in all the areas of different industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by managing exceptional candidates and providing unmatched recruitment solutions that help our clients become more productive and profitable.

Our Solution

We explain in full the whole situation, from the likelihood of you finding a job abroad, to the expected salary you will get and the approximate costs involved. We do our best to give the job as per the candidates profile and the experiences. 

Registered by the Ministry Of External Affairs




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