Payroll Services

Payroll administration should let you lose focus on the core purpose of your business. Legislations, legal issues relating to regulations, changes in tax law, etc can divert your energies from where they are required to be., training schemes, and collective pay agreements. A carefully crafted payroll administration system makes for streamlined and efficient management. Kaavi Recruitment payroll administrators are there to help you to provide solutions before payroll complications even raise their heads. Our salary advisor can take over the processing of monthly salaries for your employees. Besides salary management, they can advise and assist you with matters related to salary taxes, employee benefits, remuneration policies, etc.

Recruitment agencies employing international workforce or employees have to comply with a whole host of payroll policies as per the local guidelines, failing which, they may face the risk of undesired legal hassles. Recruitment payroll essentially involves invoicing clients for the recruitment process for the company as well as paying staff and temporary workers their salaries. This entails adherence to fiscal laws, whereby, it is advisable for recruitment agencies to utilize the services of a Management Company.

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