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Students through Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy private limited are given a desire to pick out a challenge or an Internship program for their desired course. We additionally allow a working student or individuals to use technical knowledge gained from the program to work with related projects as applied mastering. The Internship can serve as an alternative for working professionals & students.

We are able to help in matching students based on their studying experience, skills, and educational specializations. Kaavi Recruitment will assist and provide students with ongoing guidance in all elements of the internship experience. All internships process are pre-certified to satisfy Kaavi Recruitment organization standards.

Global Placements has seen tremendous opportunities for internships across the globe in hospitality. Students and experienced professionals can now explore opportunities of participating in various programs in the UAE, Canada, and the Middle East.

International Internships offer global exposure for all those who embark on it. Internships/training pursued these purposes are therefore not considered pure employment, rather, they are held in order to facilitate social and cultural exchanges as well as to share knowledge of business processes.

One of the major challenge for companies across the globe is attracting diverse talent. We at Global Placements are doing this through various internship and cultural exchange programs. Come and speak to us to explore some amazing opportunities that await you.

Kaavi Recruitment Internship Programme provides a wide range of opportunities for high-caliber graduate/postgraduate students and recently graduated candidates who are looking for a “hands-on” learning experience in fields related to the ILO’s mandate and activities. The aim of our internship program is to give the interns exposure to daily work. To apply for an internship at Kaavi Recruitment, you must be enrolled in the last year of a graduate degree (Master’s or equivalent) or in a higher degree program relevant to the Kaavi Recruitment work or have completed such a program in the year preceding the application.

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