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For Candidates:

Kaavi Consultancy Services provides comprehensive recruitment solutions since 2007 in various sectors for most International Countries considering the requirements of our Clients, and Emigrants and following Government regulations. Our vision is to recruit the right candidate at the right place. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by managing exceptional candidates; qualified, dedicated and focused career professionals.

(a) If any candidates wish to apply from our side in any company they have to follow our few norms. Below we mention it briefly.

(b) If he/she is interested to apply for a job they have to send a resume to my team otherwise directly contact our team. Our team can take the first telephonic round and if the candidate is suitable for our reliable option then we can suggest any company.

(c) When candidates are going for the interview then compulsory that they have to mention their consultancy name on his/her resume so the company can be easily aware.

(d) If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform us and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record otherwise directly inform our team or any concerned person from Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy.

(e) If a candidate is selected for a job through Reckon Solution he/she will be solely the employee of the concerned organization and Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization.

(f) If any candidate is working through our reference in our client company then we can’t place that candidate with any other company till he/ she can’t leave the job.

For Our Client's:

Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy Solution Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into Corporation duly organized under the law and having a usual place of business.

We are providing our best placement services for our candidates all over at the Domestic level & International we are dealing with companies only not with our candidates. Requirements for a particular Manpower solution just have to be mailed to Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy. (E-mail: info@kaavirecruit.org)


If we are dealing with our client then our first priority is to make a proper agreement between Kaavi Recruitment Consultancy and the client. In that Agreement, we mentioned some details like:


Duties & Services:

(a) Consultant’s duties and responsibilities shall be providing Manpower from the lower level to senior level in the given time period for the Reckon Solution (Man Power Solution).

(b) In performing the Services, Consultant shall comply, to the best of his/her knowledge, with all business conduct, regulatory and health and safety guidelines established by the Company for any governmental authority with respect to the Company’s business.

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